Born in the 80’s in Germany, I started in early childhood to explore the “hidden” constructions of my world by dismantling everything I could get hold of. One of my earliest childhood memories is dismantling a telephone in order to find the “small person in there who is talking”.
Soon after that I started to create with fabrics, paper and wood my own fashion and props for my dolls, as well as helping out with repairs of electronics and cars my father used to do.

After my A-levels I decided to study fashion design in Germany, as the creation of garments had been one of my passions ever since I had gotten my first sewing machine at the age of 5. But creating purely out of fabric was never enough for me.
At an early age I got involved into “cosplay” and created my own costumes and props for many participations of competitions. While I was working for 3 years as fashion designer, I kept on working on costumes for myself, as well as for clients.

This lead to my very first “professional” commission by a game company, which confirmed my latent feeling that the fabric side “just wasn't enough”. I decided to go ahead and pursue my dream of being able of creating “everything even the maddest person could ever think of” and while moving to Japan to work for an international Theatre as a costume assistant, I applied to study props making in the UK.

This career progression enables me to work interdisciplinary and in a very wide range of fields. Due to the background of living abroad in different countries and the languages I speak, I am able to adapt to international environments easily and embrace cultural differences as a possibility to broaden my horizon. This enables me as well to step in international clients' shoes and therefore to communicate effectively while having cultural and linguistical differences in mind, which eases the way for a high client satisfaction.